Innovative sorting and supplying device for bulk material

Application benefits

  • High availability by decoupling the loading, sorting and unloading - process
  • Cycle time of 60 parts/min. achievable (depending on parts)
  • Gentle handling of parts
  • Flexible applicable for different part sizes (4 sizes of device feasible in standard)
  • Short changeover times (product changes) as working range is completely free accessible
  • Automated "safe" emptying up to the last part (e.g. for batch tracing)
  • Low maintenance
  • Pre-configurated interfaces for activation via bus- or I-/O-level

Dimensions (mm)

  • ZBV-Feeder® 500
  • ZBV-Feeder® 625
  • ZBV-Feeder® 750
  • ZBV-Feeder® 1000

(depending on geometry and dimension of part as well as gravity of part)

Device contains patented technology licensed by ARS.