ZBV automated SMU compact

Innovative automation solution with fully integrated SMU pulse technology

ZBV-AUTOMATION provides custom-made production solutions and has expertise, to integrate various complex processes in an efficient overall concept.

With the developed ZBV user interface the individual procedures can be controlled and monitored centrally. The interface provides direct access to the main features and enables overview of process data. Therefore quick setup or product changeovers are possible.

Application benefits:

  • Control of pulse and forming technology - as Poynting SMU Compact - for quick and effective pressurization of metallic workpieces.
  • Control of feeding - such as ZBV Feeder for separating and sorting of bulk
  • Control of robots - such as Epson Spider RS4 - for quick and precise handling of workpieces
  • Parameterization of image processing systems - such as Epson CV1 -to position recognition of workpieces
  • Integration of processes - such as Panasonic Laser Marker LP-Z250 - for laser marking