ZBV- manual work places

Manual work still has advantages, especially regarding complex fusion processes or extreme careful handling of hypersensitive surfaces. Manual work becomes economically relevant when it comes to small product batches, high part variety and quick product change. Depending on the tasks, we keep our concepts simple with standing/ walking places (“Chaco-Places”) following the Kaizen- method or with quality relevant FMS-system places with MTM analysis. 



Fabrikautomation Produkt

Your advantages at a glance

  • Various automation levels corresponding to the task complexity
  • ·        Production solutions with defined parts and piece numbers are easy extendable

  • ·        Quick availability due to short delivery times

  • ·        The manual work places are not always a question of price or performance, but in many cases a matter of company’s philosophy.

Think big - start small

Manual work places can be easily adjusted to the acceleration curve of the planned production. We plan together with our customers a gradual extension up to a fully automated line respectively mini-factory. Our most flexible and modular structured assembly cell ALPHAcell can be considered for these purposes.

DOWNLOAD ZBV-Handarbeitsplatz: Datenblatt401.pdf und ZBV-ZERO ppm: Datenblatt401-2.pdf