ZBV-Centrifugal Feeder

Functional flow:

The parts are conveyed in small amounts over a preceding bunker on the rotating centrifuge plate.

Due to the stepless speed control different circumferential speeds of the centrifugal pot and - plate can be achieved.

Depending on the composition of the feeding parts in this case different centrifugal forces are generated.

Therefore the parts are always supplied in the desired amount and through the sorting chicanes always fed in the predetermined and correct position.


Flow direction:

The flow direction depends on the direction of rotation of the centrifugal feeder.

Flow direction: optional clockwise or counterclockwise.

Application benefits:

  • high feeding capacity>2000 parts/min.
  • Careful transport of parts
  • Compact design - minor space required

Fields of application:

  • Plastics- / metal industry
  • Medical techniques
  • Pharmaceutics- / cosmetic industry
  • Packaging techniques